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My Job Search Pilot

" My Job Search Pilot (MJSP) was a great help to me in my job search. The job search manager kept track of all of my activities in one place and helped to keep me focused. "

- Tom E., Director Compensation & Benefits

My Job Search Pilot

The Market is Dynamic! With market changes occurring rapidly, some organizations are faced with the unpleasant task of reducing staff in a professional and cost effective way.

How do you deal with the challenge of helping your employees deal with the confusion, stress and uncertainty of finding a new job?

You want to help them as quickly and effectively as possible and leave them with a very positive view of your organization.

Worldhire is proud to be able to offer a unique product to the Canadian market. My Job Search Pilot (MJSP) is an innovative, cost-effective and proven alternative (or supplement) to traditional outplacement services. MJSP represents real value to because you get to leverage our coach’s experience and Web 2.0 technology that provides support to individuals that organizations have had to terminate.

The offering includes:

  • Transition Training
  • Career Compass and Coaching
  • Web based Job Search Manager – Saves hundreds of hours for Seekers
  • 360 Career Reference Feedback
  • Interview Preparation (Video Mock Interviewing)
  • Career USP Package - marketing resumes and packets
  • Compensation negotiation and closing the offer
  • Alumni and Boomerang Relationship Management
  • Build Internal Outplacement Capabilities using MJSP model/tools


My Job Search Pilot is an offering of personal and technical support that provides:


We all need support from people, not just technology during the trying times of career transitions. Our offering puts the focus on the individual with personal coaching from veteran recruiters and HR professionals who provide guidance and support. Our coaches know what it takes to get past the gatekeepers because they’ve been the ones manning the gate! Your former employees will feel confident in their new search with the help of our experts.


Our professional research and support team takes on the burdensome tasks of researching jobs, companies, markets and contacts and then loads this information into the seeker’s personal dashboard for review and action. Job seekers should be out networking, not researching! We provide the resources to support administrative tasks by providing target company, industry and position information. We'll coach the job seeker in the effective use of today’s tools to help land interviews and make important contacts. We'll even apply to selected jobs and post resumes on their behalf.

Management of your Search

Seekers receive a 12-month license to a powerful web toolkit enabling them to manage their entire search online, easily and effectively. Fresh job leads are delivered automatically – four times daily! The tool enables the seeker to track positions applied for, by company or job and the results realized. We help the seeker create standout resumes & cover letters and manage to whom they were sent. A powerful calendar and contact management function is built into the personal dashboard. A certified MRA Job Fit Assessment is completely integrated into the job flow.


It’s simple to enroll exiting employees with MJSP. You provide contact information and we take it from there. We make personal contact with every Seeker within 48 hours to welcome them to the program and provide details about why they are going to be excited to get on-board.

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