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What do you look for in a Staffing Solutions Partner?

We have talked to hundreds of Hiring Managers in large and small organizations. The answer comes down to service, quality and the desire to work with a staffing partner to fulfill their staffing needs.

In project management circles, there is a project triangle, with the three points being Speed, Quality and Cost. The question that is always asked at the start of a project is "Which of these are important to you? - Pick two." You cannot have all three.

When you have a hiring need, whether it is a permanent employee, or an individual to help you augment your existing staff to service your clients, we know that Speed and Quality are the most important qualities of a Staffing Partner.

There is no benefit to having low cost if Quality and Speed suffer!

How do we meet your needs?

Our consultants work with you, to understand the position requirements. By this we mean, what do you want the person to do? This is the beginning of the search. To our team, a list of skills is of limited value as anybody can do a web search today and find someone with skills. It is what that person can and does do with those skills that is important.

Once we know what the objectives are of the position, then we know what we are looking for. Using all the tools that are available today, your Worldhire partner searches our internal database of 1,000's of qualified candidates, social networks, job boards, referral networks and other proprietary tools to develop a short list of candidates who can possibly meet your needs.

The next step is to assess the candidates. We do this through a structured interview process, assessment tools, reference checking and our knowledge of the markets we serve. We dig deeply into a candidates motivations, we understand what their peers think of them and then we present them to you with a summary of why they are a fit for the position.

Our consultants then remove the administrative burden by interacting with the candidate to provide complete logistics, so you just need to be available for the interview.

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

" The People at Worldhire are some of the most pleasant and professional Search Consultants that I have ever worked with. They took the time to understand my requirements and delivered qualified candidates for the position. The person we hired has worked out exceedingly well "

- Toronto, ON


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