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You can put your trust into Worldhire

Why should a Candidate (or Job Seeker) use Worldhire for their next job or contract?

We have talked to thousands of candidates, who are looking for either contract or permanent employment. All of them want to find satisfying and challenging work at reasonable compensation in a suitable environment. We have many satisfied candidates.

Why is this?

In the case of Candidates who are looking for Permanent employment, we take the time to understand what they are looking for and ensure any position we present them to, meets their needs. At Worldhire, we do not want to "make the placement". We want to help the person develop their career. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to connect with someone we have placed after many years and hear:

In the case of Candidates who want contract work, we recognize that satisfying work, with leading edge products, with a variety of clients and industries, that are located in various cities in North America is more often the motivation. In addition, candidates who do contract work want some assurance that they will receive reasonable compensation in a timely manner.

At Worldhire, we have relationships with some of the largest services providers in North America, as well as a select group of smaller Integration partners, who we believe provide quality services. Thus the Candidates we select are assured of some interesting assignments.

We have also established a strong relationship with an organization that provides our payrolling services. Our Candidates are paid in 5 days from submittal of their approved invoice. A feature that is rarely provided in our marketplace!.  

Would you like to deal with a professional team who can help you with your career?

Of course you would - contact us now and let us show you what a professional Staffing Agency can do to help you look good!

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

"This was the best career decision of my life! I really enjoy the work and the organization I am with appreciates my efforts!"

- Vancouver, BC


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